About DAB4all

Sumatronic initiated the DAB4all campaign to bring DAB+ to all interested regions of the world where the population has few or no receivers. In such regions, purely commercial operation is therefore practically impossible. Nevertheless, it is good if DAB+ is also launched in such regions. Sumatronic has a selection of used DAB+ equipment and has the know-how to support the professionals in these countries. Most of them have not yet had the opportunity to deal with DAB+. Therefore, the equipment alone is not enough; support and know-how are also needed.

We are interested in receiving used but functional DAB equipment and thus making DAB+ possible in other regions of the world.

Are you intersted to bring DAB+ into your region?

Are there no DAB+ stations in your region yet? Would you like to establish DAB+ coverage in your country or area but do not have the budget for new equipment?

We can suggest solutions. Please contact us.

Do you have DAB+ reception, but only outside your building?

Sumatronic is specialised in the realisation of DAB reception indoors of any kind. Get in touch with us.

Are you intersted to support the initiative?

If you have new or used – but still working – professional DAB+ equipment that you would like to donate or give away very cheaply for such projects, please get in touch.

About Sumatronic

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